Phillips 66 Supplies New Wireline Lubricant


Leading Lubricants Supplier offers a "Clear Choice" with its Wireline Lubricant

Wireline Lubricant is available from Phillips 66, one of the largest U.S. lubricants suppliers.  Phillips 66’s Wireline Lubricant, or grease, is designed to maintain a seal and prevent the escape of wellbore fluids during wireline operations in oil and gas completion services.  The new Wireline Lubricant is a specialized, clear formulation designed specifically for high-pressure, high-temperature wireline environments.


“After consulting with industry experts, we are pleased to offer this impressive wireline product that is so versatile,” said Sunny Lopez, Director, Industrial Lubricants at Phillips 66.  “In addition to its excellent sealing properties and resistance to degradation due to wellbore fluids, it has the added benefits of unique clear color and resistance to slingage, which help minimize environmental impact.  It truly is a “clear choice” over products available in the market today.”


Phillips 66 Lubricants’ Wireline Lubricant was developed specifically for high-pressure wireline operations including cased-hole logging, pipe recovery service, production loggings and reservoir analysis.  In addition to effectively sealing gaps and openings in grease tubes, the product offers a number of additional benefits:


  • Easy application in all weather conditions
  • Highly viscous and dripless
  • Exceptional pumpability
  • Prevents corrosive fluids and gases from escaping between inner flow tube and the wireline
  • Protects against rust and reduces cable friction in the flow tubes
  • Low-temperature fluidity properties prevent wireline seizure and breakage in cold conditions
  • Successfully seals and protects against corrosion while working to counteract well pressure


Wireline Lubricant is available in eight viscosity grades to optimize performance in winter, mid-season and summer operating conditions.  These viscosity grades include ISO 68, ISO 220, ISO 460, ISO 680, ISO 1500, ISO 5000, ISO 7500 and ISO 10000. To locate a Phillips 66 Marketer in your area or receive additional information about this new offering, visit or contact Bill Brown, at