Team Kendall Racer of the Month - May 2012 - Doug Herzog


After an exciting competition on the Kendall Motor Oil Facebook Page, Doug Herzog of Warrenton, Mo., is Team Kendall's May Racer of the Month. Herzog has raced competitively for most of his life and spent the past few years competing in NHRA bracket racing with his 1964 Super Stock Chevelle Station Wagon. While Herzog is no stranger to the racing world, his passion for cars extends beyond the track, as he spends the majority of his free time rebuilding classic vehicles - like the infamous 1969 Boss 429 Mercury Cougar once owned by the legendary Fast Eddie Schartman.

"I felt compelled to resurrect the original 1969 Mercury Cougar because of its heritage, and I'm a big fan of Eddie Schartman," Herzog shared. "After I acquired the Cougar, I flew to Cleveland to meet with Eddie, obtain the rights to keep the original design and discuss my intentions to show and race the vehicle - it was an awesome experience!"

The 1969 Mercury Cougar is one of two Cougars to ever be built with the Boss 429 engine, and Herzog has worked fervently to turn the classic into a modern-day Nostalgia Pro Stock race car. In order to pass NHRA inspections, Herzog has spent the last 10 years collecting, organizing and rebuilding parts, such as adding a roll cage and handmade headers.

"The most challenging part of reviving this vehicle has been hand-making parts in order to pass current inspection requirements," added Herzog. "A lot of the parts needed for this vehicle are no longer available, so we've had to improvise and create them from scratch."

Although Herzog has made several internal changes to the 1969 Cougar, he has kept the original asthetic of the exterior, which features the Kendall Motor Oil logo originally airbrushed on the side of hte vehicle to showcase Kendall Motor OIl's sponsorship. He is also continuing to use Kendall GT-1® Motor Oil, whihc was the same oil Eddie Schartman used when he raced back in the early 1970's. Execpt this time, Herzog has the help of Liquid Titanium® protection additive.

This season, Herzog will continue to race his 1964 Chevelle Station Wagon. However, he hopes to complete the Cougar rebuild in time to race it in the 58th annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Ind., which takes place over Labor Day Weekend.

"It's thrilling to see Doug bring back a classic and turn it into a modern-day race car," said Marketer Jeff Ory of Interstate Petroleum, Incl., in St. Louis, Mo. "We're all looking forward to watching him complete the build and continue his successful racing career."

We wish Herzog luck this season and congratulate him, again, on being named our May Team Kendall Racer of the Month!