July 2012 Marketer of the Month - Rex Oil Company


"Rex Oil Company enjoys the efficiency of a large corporation, but it still has core family values," shares MSR Alison Nelson. "In addition to having one of the most experienced and professional sales teams in the industry, Rex Oil's quality, integrity and service excellence is what sets it apart from competitors." These qualities and more prove that Rex Oil is an industry leader, and they have helped the company earn the title of July's Marketer of the Month.

For the Denver-based oil company, its recent success has come from a specialization in supplying automotive fuels and lubricants - mainly due to the shrinking construction and commercial markets in Colorado. "Competition is getting tough due to the fading construction industry," explains Paul Labate, Vice President of Rex Oil Company. "I'm hopeful that construction will increase over the next few years and we can return to offering more heavy duty lubricants. For now, we're really concentrating on the Automotive sector. We also operate an immaculate fleet of fuel and lubricant delivery trucks that serve the front-range of Colorado, covering the southern Rockies area."

Founded in 1946, Rex Oil was one of the first Conoco Marketerships in the state of Colorado. Twenty-two years later, Glen and LynnAnn Balenseifen, parents to current Rex Oil CEO, Eric Balenseifen, purchased and incorporated the company, which - at the time - operated at one bulk plant with only four employees. Over the years, Rex Oil thrived and grew tremendously, selling close to 1.5 million gallons of lubricants annually and embracing its title as a Certified Repackager of Phillips 66 Lubricants. In 2001, Rex Oil merged with James Oil Company, a fellow family-owned company in Golden, Colo. The merger created a better-equipped company, along with a more skillful marketing team, to face the challenges of the shrinking construction and commercial markets in Colorado.

Rex Oil has worked with Phillips 66 Lubricants for sixty-six years, supplying 76 and Kendall branded oils. "Phillips 66 Lubricants is a widely recognized company in our area," says LaBate. "The assurance of a renowned and quality company is what keeps customers dedicated to the product." He points out that customer feedback of Phillips 66 Lubricants is extremely positive, specifically for products like Guardol ECT® with Liquid Titanium® protection additive and Kendall GT-1® Full Synthetic Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium protection additive. "Two of our accounts, Vail Resorts and the City of Denver, are using Guardol ECT with Liquid Titanium protection additive. Both are amazed at it how significantly reduced the wear and tear on their trucks and equipment."

Rex Oil attributes its numerous accomplishments to its dynamic team of cutting-edge, industry professionals. Along with hard work and integrity, the company's key to success is training and education. "Our sales team is extremely knowledgeable of the industry. Our service is unique to our competitors in the area," LaBate notes. He also emphasizes that creativity has allowed the team to lead successful and progressive marketing campaigns. "we offered a promotion similar to the Free Gas Sweepstakes a while back. We offered free gas to customers who upgraded to synthetic motor oil, and the results were phenomenal!"

A large company but always committed to its roots, Rex Oil aspires to continue growing and embracing new technology over the next few years. With Colorado industries depleting and competition arising, LaBate is confident Rex Oil will thrive and adapt to the ever-changing market.

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