August 2012 Marketer of the Month - Silvas Oil Company, Inc.


"Silvas Oil has done an incredible job of converting 19 of the 24 Honda and Acura stores in our territory to the Honda/Acura bulk program, which has been a challenge," congratulates Tammy Tinder, MSR for Silvas Oil Company, Inc., August's Marketer of the Month. "The growth of the company's heavy duty segment over the past year, including its success with Kendall Super-D XA® with Liquid Titanium® protection additive has been remarkable. Silvas Oil certainly deserves the Marketer of the Month recognition.

The company, based in Fresno, Calif., operates out of four plants - Fresno, Oxnard, Santa Maria and Bakersfield - providing a full supply of bulk lubricants throughout northern and central California from the coast all the way south to the San Fernando Valley. Aside from specializing in the heavy duty and commercial industry, Silvas Oil also supplies several automotive and a few industrial accounts in the area.

Established in 1977 by Charles Silvas, President, and his wife, Silvas Oil does not have a typical "family-owned" history. Silvas' father worked in the lubricants industry as an oil distributor and sold the business when he was ready to retire - deciding against keeping it in the family. Years later, Silvas used the experience and key learnings gained from his father to begin Silvas Oil from the ground up - which has made the company what it is today.

Silvas Oil has worked with Phillips 66 Lubricants since 1995, initially offering 76 branded products and later expanding to also carry full lines of the Kendall and Phillips 66 brands. Tim Simonsgaard, Manager of Engineering & Marketing at Silvas Oil, shares that its relationship with Phillips 66 differs from otehr suppliers Silvas works with. "It's very easy to do business with Phillips 66 Lubricants. There are a lot less layers involved, and the company is extremely down-to-earth. Plus, everyone - including senior management - always makes themselves available. You know Phillips 66 truly appreciates our business."

Silvas Oil has capitalized on tremendous customer interest in Phillips 66 Lubricants' Guardol ECT® with Liquid Titanium protection additive, as well as Kendall Super-D XA with Liquid Titanium protection additive, and it hopes to see a similar response to the new Wireline Lubricant.

The company attributes its success to its tenacious sales team, which uses a consultant and "problem solver" method, rather than a traditional sales method. "We let the customers talk and we listen to their problems," Simonsgaard explains. "We aim to show customers how we can be a value to them. At Silvas, we value integrity and reliability - our customers know we're on their side."

Silvas Oil has shown leadership and impressive achievements throughout its partnership with Phillips 66 Lubricants to be named Marketer of the Month. As for the future, the company aspires to expand further throughout California and grow its consulting services. We wish them continued success!

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