Team Kendall Racer of the Month - August 2012 - Travis Willow


Travis Willow, a sprint car driver from Abbotstown., Pa., has been living his childhood dream out on the race track for the past eight years. Willow's passion for racing and thrill for speed have helped him become one of Team Kendall's most fearless drivers. In fact, his love and enthusiasm for the sport earned him the honor of August's Team Kendall Racer of the Month. "I always love to see the community show its support for local racers, and Travis definitely brings that out in people," said Marketer Michael Allen of Allen Oil in York, Pa. "He is a great young man and we all wish him success."

Success may come naturally, but it's luck that Willow may need even more. "I've been racing with two sprint cars this season - both J&J frame chassis - because I need a backup vehicle in case I crash," he laughed. As it turns out, thinking ahead paid off for the racer, now driving his second car that belongs to his fiance, Dawn Clark. "Dawn is the reason I'm able to continue racing and go after my dream," he continued. "She provides constant encouragement and cheers me on - I'm so grateful to have her."

Another devoted member of Willow's team is his mechanic, Mike Ness, who offers support both on and off the track. "Mike is a great mechanic, and I definitely trust his abilities with my car," noted the racer. "He has a lot of championships behind him, and I'm hoping his talents will help set me apart from the competition."

Before every race, Willow and his crew prep the vehicle - rotating the tires, checking the engine and fueling the motor with Kendall GT-1® High Performance Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium® protection additive. "Even after eight years, I'm still learning new things about racing and tips on how to take care of my vehicle," Willow shared. "I'm lucky to have such great people around to help me out."

Willow's career began in 2004 at his local track, Lincoln Speedway in Abbotstown, Pa., where he competed in the 600 micro sprint division. Upon his enrollment with Team Kendall two years ago, Willow moved up to the 358 sprint division, which is a larger and more competitive class. "Each night there are around 35 drivers competing for the 24 spots on the main track at Lincoln Speedway. It's extremely competitive, but that's one of things I love most about racing," he smiled.

Willow will enjoy the last few months of his 2012 season, which wraps up in October. We congratulate him on his success with Team Kendall and wish him the best of luck - and safety - for years to come.