Kendall Motor Oil Helps in Cross-Continent Journey


Kendall Motor Oil was a proud product sponsor for the philanthropic journey "From Malaysia With Love." During this voyage, a team of Phillips 66 employees traveled for 63 days from Penang, Malaysia, to London, England, to raise awareness for the Borneo Child Aid Society. The team drove through 20 countries, crossing a variety of terrains through a number of extreme weather conditions while using Kendall Motor Oil in their vehicles' engines.

"Having Kendall Motor Oil in our engine, we didn't have to worry when we crossed Turpan - the hottest region in China," said Capt. Steven Foong, who led the team. "We didn't have any problems starting our engine in the snowy conditions of Torugard Pass, one of the highest border highland passes in the world! Kendall Motor Oil also gave us the power to cross the former seabed of the saltwater Aral Sea."

With an important mission at hand, the team counted on Kendall Motor Oil's engine protection benefits to power through both hot and cold temperatures as well as beautiful yet challenging conditions. The team completed its expedition without needing a single repair or experiencing a breakdown - helping to make "From Malaysia With Love" a huge success!