October 2012 Marketer of the Month - Hays Oil Company


"Hays Oil Company offers a variety of lubricants for its customers, but the conscious decision to aggressively sell Phillips 66 Lubricants has generated tremendous growth and success," shares Alan Stitt, MSR to Hays Oil. "The company strives to provide the highest level of service and has made Phillips 66 Lubricants a part of that offering. All in all, it's a mutually beneficial relationship." With a focused commitment on the highest quality of service within all aspects of its business, Hays Oil has earned the title of October's Marketer of the Month.

Hays Oil serves the lubricants needs of Southern Oregon and Northern California and is headquartered in Medford, Ore., with three additional facilities in Grants Pass, Central Point and White City, Ore. Established in the early 1930's, the company has grown through multiple acquisitions while remaining an integral part of the community for more than three generations. "In the beginning, we focused primarily on supplying commercial and industrial lubricants. Then in 2009, we started targeting the automotive sector and building our PCMO lubricants volume," said Garrett Otten, Sales Manager of Hays Oil. "Today, we devote our efforts equally between segments and have designated team members who are specialized and well-versed in PCMO, HDEO or Industrial."

Customer service and support is what Otten believes sets Hays Oil apart. Every team member goes above and beyond when assisting customers, following a "treat the customers like a partner" model. "We've worked with some customers for twenty years, and it's because we cater to every need and solve their problems," he explains. "Our approach has allowed us to expand and gain new accounts." Another signature sales tactic that Hays Oil has used in its success is the integration of technology. "Since customers are becoming more tech savvy, we provide our sales teams with iPads to make our service interactive," Otten continues. "This way, our sales team can walk the customer through supplemental technical data and product information or show branded oil analysis videos as part of any conversation."

In addition to the dedication placed on customers and staff, Hays Oil believes its relationship with Phillips 66 Lubricants has helped increase its lubricants supply and develop the segments into what they are today. In fact, the company has worked with Phillips 66 Lubricants for more than twenty years and attests that it offers premier products and first-class support."We have a great relationship with Phillips 66 Lubricants and our MSR Alan Stitt," adds Otten. "They're always quick to respond to our needs; not to mention, the programs and training sessions Phillips 66 Lubricants offers have allowed us to enhance our expertise on the branded oils we sell." In addition, the company has received positive consumer feedback from selling Guardol ECT® with Liquid Titanium® protection additive and Kendall GT-1® Full Synthetic Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium protection additive. "Since the economic downturn, many individuals aren't trading in their vehicles for new ones," Otten points out. "In our own efforts, we've seen that customers are continuing to support the branded Liquid Titanium additive products because of its wear reduction and fuel economy."

Over the next few years, Hays Oil seeks to continue flourishing and diversifying in more than just oil and lubricants. "Customers are demanding a 'one-stop shop' experience, and we eventually see ourselves offering more lubrication equipment and accessories," shares Otten. The company also hopes to increase its use of technology and become more advanced within its specified lubricant segments.

We look forward to a bright future for Hays Oil and congratulate the company on its numerous accomplishments - including its achievement of Marketer of the Month.

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