Recent Updates to


As we continue to provide you with the most comprehensive Web site available, we have made additional improvements to

First, we've added a new, user-friendly search function for industry-specific products. This "Industry" tab, located next to the Phillips 66 Lubricants brands on the top of the webpage, provides an easier way to locate the most relevant products for specific segments, including Agriculture, Automotive, Construction/Earth Moving, Industrial, Trucking and more. You can sort these offerings alphabetically or by latest update, and download their Product Data Sheets.

Next, we have added recent test results within the Liquid Titanium® HDEO section that confirm the oil's effectiveness against wear, oxidation and deposits. The chart featured on "The Proof" page validates that tri-branded Guardol ECT® and Kendall Super-D XA® reduce wear across engine platforms in on- and off- highway applications.

We hope that you find these functions useful. Be sure to visit for more improvements in 2013!