November 2012 Marketer of the Month - Manuel Arsenio Ureña


"Manuel Arsenio Ureña does an exemplary job of embracing technology and remaining innovative in a demanding and competitive market," states MSR Jaime Martinez. "The company continues to incorporate hte values that Manuel Arsenio Ureña himself founded the company on - loyalty, top-tier customer service and social responsibility." Staying true to its roots while continuing to grow and succeed, Manuel Arsenio Ureña has earned the title of November's Marketer of the Month.

Last month, Manuel Arsenio Ureña celebrated the 40th anniversary of the company he founded in Santiago, the second largest city of the Dominican Republic. Today, Ureña's two sons, Junior and Juan Manuel, oversee the thriving business that sells quality lubricants and a wide-range of automotive and commercial parts throughout the country. "We've evolved over the years and have seen great success by evolving our business model to keep up with the changes in the marketplace," shares Juan Manuel, President and CEO of Manuel Arsenio Ureña. "As a family-owned company, we've seen that technology has not only advanced within the industry as a whole, but that the products themselves offer enhanced specs and tangible results, such as drainage intervals."

While the company and its sales team utilize hand-held devices and laptop computers in their day-to-day activities, fostering personal relationships with customers remains the top priority. "The connections we've established with our customers and employees have encouraged us to grow and expand into uncharted territories," attests Juan Manuel. "Branching out into the Quick Lube business, for example, was something our customers inspired us to do based on their needs and feedback."

Along with its premier service and expansion, Manuel Arsenio Ureña has enjoyed working with Phillips 66 Lubricants for the past 32 years, offering the full Kendall Motor Oil product line. "Phillips 66 Lubricants is easy to work with, and our customers praise the quality of the products. It's a win-win for everyone," Juan Manuel adds. "Kendall is our leading brand, and Kendall Super-D® 3 Diesel Engine Oil is one of our best-sellers due to its proven wear reduction and performance over the years."

Manuel Arsenio Ureña looks forward to expanding its Quick Lube business and building a strong bulk oil presence in the next few years. Foreseeing an aggressive market favoring alternative and eco-friendly fuels, the compnay is confident it will achieve additional success and growth - and so are we. Congratulations, Manuel Arsenio Ureña, for being named November's Marketer of the Month.