Team Kendall Racer of the Month - November 2012 - Mike Weiss


With several wins behind him and many more to come, we're pleased to name Mike Weiss of Port Orchard, Wash., as our Team Kendall Racer of the Month for November. Weiss grew up on the track watching his father race and helping out the crew whenever he got a chance. In fact, one of his earliest memories of racing is when his father's crew took home the championship titled of the 1973 World Finals in Ontario, Calif., where they were spotlighted on the Wide World of Sports television show.

"My family jokes that I was born on a race track because most of my childhood memories are of my father and his crew racing, practicing and building cars," shared Weiss. "I spent the majority of my young adult life helping out as a crew member, but as I grew older I knew I wanted to get behind the wheel of my own car."

At the age of 35, Weiss began his racing career as a driver in the Super Pro division. A few years later, he transitioned into the Top Fuel Dragster division where he experienced a lot of success - finishing in the top five every year and winning a championship title shortly after.

"Out of all my wins, my favorite accomplishment is receiving the Best Engineered Car award in 2005," Weiss said proudly. "I take a lot of pride in building and maintaining my vehicles, so it was nice to get recognized for that."

With more than 40 years of experience with several different vehicles, Weiss still prepares for each race the same - checking the oil, setting up the trans breaks, staging and leading the car - and that's what he believes gives him an edge over the competition. "I set up every car the same, so it's easier to pin point what needs to be fixed if something is wrong," Weiss continued.

Although Weiss favors consistency, he made a few big changes before the 2012 season, which included a new car and joining Team Kendall. The majority of the season was spent fine tuning the vehicle's parts and practicing technique to prepare for the 2013 season. Next March, Weiss and his crew will head to Las Vegas for a few practice runs to ensure that he and his 1959 Chevrolet Corvette are ready for the competition.

"I met Mike through a mutual friend and quickly became a fan of his," added Marketer Vince McBroom of S.C. Fuels in Tacoma, Wash. "I'm more than happy to help him out any way I can, and I look forward to cheering him on next season."

Congratulations once again, Mike! We are excited to have you as a member of the Team Kendall family and wish you the best of luck in your 2013 season.