V. Gaines Entering 10th Anniversary with Team Kendall


Coming strong out of the 2012 racing season, Team Kendall driver V. Gaines is pleased to enter his 10th year of partnership with Kendall Motor Oil after claiming the title of "Most Improved Professional Car of 2012" by National Dragster in its November 2012 issue and for taking the No. 7 position in this year's NHRA Pro Stock division.

"This year our main goal is to be consistent," said Gaines. "With the myriad of conditions we face, from road conditions and weather to rotating out our cars, the team is striving to achieve consistent results across the board, thanks to long hours of testing the motor, chassis and driver reaction times. In 2012, we started with some confusion but found the right combination of power, control and consistency in mid-April, so now is the time for us to fine-tune our achievements."

As Gaines prepares to hit the track in February at the Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, Calif., he welcomes Roy Simmons - an advisor to Clyde West, his crew chief of more than 20 years. Gaines points out that many top teams have added new talent to their crew positions with great success, and he's thrilled to do the same. Also new this year will be an updated card wrap design commemorating Gaines' 10th anniversary as a Team Kendall racer. In fact, Gaines offered his Facebook fans the opportunity to vote for the design.

"My team wouldn't be here without the support of our fans or the support of Kendall Motor Oil, which is why we were pleased to offer fans the chance to determine what car design we'd be sporting this season," explained Gaines. "Our 10-year partnership with Kendall Motor Oil - who has stuck by us through the good and the bad times - is a big deal, and we wanted to showcase this significant milestone on our vehicle. What better way than to have fun with our fans and friends through Facebook and the upcoming season, where we look forward to bringing home some wins."

As Gaines enters his 10th year, this provides a perfect opportunity for you to take your current and prospective customers to the track to enjoy a day of lively races, meet-and-greet sessions, and learn about Kendall Motor Oil and its impressive engine wear benefits.

We encourage you to keep posted on Gaines' 2013 schedule and updates during our 10th year of partnership by liking his Facebook page, which will feature ongoing giveaways.