February 2013 Marketer of the Month - Midwest Terminal


Midwest Terminal of Paducah, Ky., prides itself on its expertise in creating and cultivating relationships with satisfied customers. Named February's Marketer of the Month, the family-owned company has a passion for providing top-notch service to both current and prospective clients while achieving excellent sales. "Midwest Terminal does an exceptional job at winning and maintaining sought-after clientele, including a recent account win in the construction industry," shares MSR Jim Twellman. "The Midwest team is loyal to is customers and highly adept in going above and beyond to exceed expectations."

Since its inception in 1986, Midwest Terminal, a subsidiary of local highway construction and asphalt distribution company Jim Smith Contracting, began supplying fuels to Paducah residents. The company added lubricants to its product offerings shortly thereafter, focusing on selling quality industrial and commercial lubricants in bulk and drum throughout the greater Paducah region.

Midwest terminal has worked with Phillips 66 Lubricants since 2006, offering a range of 76 and Kendall branded products. Specifically, the company has seen great success with Phillips 66 Lubricants' heavy duty engine oils, such as Fleet Supreme EC® Engine Oil and Guardol ECT® with Liquid Titanium® protection additive.

Exemplary customer service is Midwest Terminal's key to success, as well as its core value. "Our customers trust us and the products we sell because we offer the highest level of assistance and make a concerted effort to be hands-on," Smith continues. "We've been able to gain national business and retain our accounts through our commitment to superior customer service." Over the next few years, Midwest Terminal hopes to see significant growth in the Paducah lubricants market while continuing to stay true to its roots by building meaningful relationships with new and existing clients and fostering its relationship with Phillips 66 Lubricants.

We congratulate Midwest Terminal for its numerous accomplishments and wish the company well on its future endeavors.