Aerostars - Loyal Phillips 66 Aviation Partner


For the last seven years, Phillips 66 Aviation has enjoyed a rewarding partnership with the acrobatic flying squad Aerostars by regularly providing the group with premium engine oil and branded items. This gravity-defying team "launched" 10 years ago and is comprised of seasoned pilots who have been flying for decades.

As the Aerostars prepare for upcoming trade show appearances with Phillips 66 Aviation, Team Lead Harvey Meek, one of the three original Aerostars, explains what sets Phillips 66 Aviation oils apart from other brands. "Sponsorship or no sponsorship, our pilots love Phillips 66 products," he said. "On the technical side, we really like the X/C® Aviation Multiviscosity Oil. It allows us to operate in all kinds of environmental conditions, and we never have to worry about our engine. We know we can always count on it for excellent performance."

With such high demand placed on the aircrafts involved in the Aerostars' lying routines, everything has to be top notch. "We have to have absolute trust in the oil we use because we push our engines to the limit," Meek explained. "We wouldn't use another brand." In fact, he and his team credit Phillips 66 Aviation oil for saving an integral piece of equipment. "One of our engines broke a valve, which caused a lot of shredded metal inside," he continued. "Because of the premium oil we used, we only had to replace the valve - not the entire engine."

Meek added that the team has an emotional connection to the lubricants, regularly using Phillips 66 Aviation oils for their private planes as well because of its superior performance. "We're loyal to it," he said. "This is the oil we recommend to our neighbors and our family."

To keep up with the Aerostars, follow them on Facebook and be sure to catch them at the Phillips 66 Aviation booth at SUN 'n FUN next month and at AirVenture this summer!