Women in Aviation: Spotlight on Rosemary Leone


Phillips 66 Aviation's Rosemary Leone, Director of Aviation Programs Development, is a longtime aviation enthusiast and pilot. She has been with Phillips 66 Aviation since 2003, but her interest in flying started long before. Leone, who currently lives at Skyhaven Air Park in Collinsville, Okla., got her pilot's license in 1987. She dabbled in flying after receiving her license; and while pursuing her hobby, even flew cross country air races. At the time, she was working in technical sales at IBM - after graduating from Missouri University of Science and Technology with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Her hobby soon became more. She earned her flight instructor certificate and opened a flight school with another female flight instructor. While presenting at a flight instructor clinic, Leone met her husband, who's also a pilot - and as their relationship has grown through the years, so has their love for flying. Leone's passion for aviation eventually encouraged her to make a leap of faith and take on a new position with Phillips 66 Aviation after working at IBM for 19 years. She encourages others to "not be afraid to pursue your passion" and to "take every opportunity, even if it has nothing to do with your current role."

While Leone has owned several planes through the years, she currently owns two - a 1949 A35 Bonanza and a 1953 Piper Pacer. And even though aviation has been her "day job" for the last 10 years, she still leaves and breathes for flying. Leone devotes most of her spare time to this passion, continuing to instruct when she can. Luckily her husband loves Phillips 66 aviation oils as much as she does. She jokes that while he might not "trust me to take the Bonanza out by myself since it's his baby, he only trusts Phillips 66 X/C® in both planes." She continued to say "he's so passionate about the oils that he convinced our local college, Tulsa Tech, to switch lubricant brands." The superiority of Phillips 66 aviation oils is one thing both Leones can agree on.