Storing Your Aircraft for Summer


As you may know, there are specific protocols to follow in the winter months to ensure the maintenance of your aircraft. But did you know that those same problems can plague your aircraft in the hot summer months if the plane goes unused or sits in the sun for too long? Take a look at the tips below to keep your aircraft in prime shape this summer:

  • Be sure to store your aircraft in a cool place to protect its sensitive avionics. If you do not have a temperature-controlled area to keep the plane at your home location, look into storing it at a local aircraft hangar.
  • Summer is an ideal time for flying; but if another obligation (such as an extended summer family vacation) prevents you from flying for a few weeks, you'll need to consider rust prevention tactics. Phillips 66's Aviation Anti-Rust Oil protects aircraft piston engines from rust and corrosion in a manner that standard aviation engine oils do not.
  • Do you take off for the entire summer? Along with treating the engine with anti-rust oil, make sure every opening in the aircraft's exterior is carefully sealed to prevent the intrusion of insects and other creatures who may want to get out of the heat.

For more aircraft storage tips, check out the maintenance guide linked above from Steven Strollo, Lubrication Engineer at Phillips 66.