The Heavy Duty Fuel Economy Story


Although HD 10W-30 engine oils currently make up only about 6% of the HDEO market, there is a lot of attention being paid to them recently. The main driver for interest in these products is the expected fuel economy savings versus the use of an equivalent 15W-40 product. While fuel economy savings can certainly be achieved by switching to a 10W-30 oil since it's a lighter viscosity, it is equally important to pay attention to wear control in order to protect your equipment—which cannot be guaranteed with every 10W-30 on the market. However, Phillips 66 Lubricants' Liquid Titanium® protection additive is a clear differentiator. Keeping this important fact in mind, the following talking points can help new customers better understand the significance of Guardol ECT® and Kendall Super-D XA® with Liquid Titanium protection additive 10W-30 engine oils:

  • When considering fuel economy and engine oil, it all boils down to viscosity and especially high temperature / high shear (HTHS).
  • While some competitors are content to leave customers with the impression that only their formulations will allow for fuel economy savings, the truth is much simpler: when switching from 15W-40 to HD 10W-30 engine oils, customers may experience fuel economy savings of up to 1% as a direct result of the difference in viscosity and HTHS.
  • Customers will want to ensure that they can expect to get the same life out of the equipment. We have done extensive testing with Liquid Titanium to prove its positive impact, and customers can be assured that the same outstanding wear protection they expect from Phillips 66 Lubricants premium 15W-40 is the same great protection they can expect from Phillips 66 Lubricants premium 10W-30.

These points support one key message: tri-branded Guardol ECT and Kendall Super-D XA with Liquid Titanium protection additive 10W-30 engine oils are formulated to offer better fuel economy and durability for heavy duty engines. The SAE 10W-30 viscosity grade delivers improved fuel economy versus SAE 15W-40 oil, and the Liquid Titanium protection additive has proven its improved wear protection through extensive field testing over the last four years.

To download the complete Heavy Duty Fuel Economy article, click on the link above. Please stay tuned for additional resources to further exemplify the impact of these products in the company months.

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