V. Gaines - Heating Up the Track


Team Kendall racer V. Gaines is no stranger to the ups and downs of the racing world. Over the past few seasons, Gaines has seen his share of successes—and this year is no different. With the proper training, analysis and Lady Luck on his side, Gaines is giving the competition a run for their money during the second half of the current season. 

During the 2012 season, there was a lot of fluctuation. However, it ended on a high note and set up Gaines and his team for where they today. "We finished 2012 feeling solid and with a positive game plan," explained the racer. "The 2013 season kicked off and we killed it the first two races. Then we began falling apart in the third; and by the fifth and sixth races, we just lost it. however, after being on-plan and going on a slight detour, we're back where we want to be...we got lost and now we're found."

Gaines is now running at the top of the pack, which is of the utmost importance when he and his team head into the playoffs—also known as the Countdown (to the Championship), Sept. 13-15 in Charlotte, N.C. As Gaines points out, 80% of NHRA Pro Stock champions come from the top four qualifier spots; if he's running well when he enters the Countdown, he'll be in good shape.

"We have the right car, we have the right oil and we have the right engine, so we're ready to take this," exclaimed Gaines. "In fact, we've become so consistent that our competition has caught on to what we're doing. We've started switching up our routine before we hit the line, but the oil will always remain the same!"

To view this year's Countdown schedule and to see when he'll be coming to a raceway near you, click on the link above.

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