Marketer Testimonial - Shelburne Limestone


As a Kendall Motor Oil customer for more than 20 years, Shelburne Limestone Coproration, a quarry operation based in Vermont, has found continued success with 10W-30 heavy duty diesel engine oil. When Phillips 66 Lubricants upgraded the Super-D XA® formulation in 2008 to include the new Liquid Titanium® protection additive, Shelburne's maintenance team experienced substantial results, including the decrease of wear iron in many of their engine oil samples. The most impressive result of Shelburne's 20-year use of 10W-30 year-round in their demanding off-road application, has been that they've seen absolutely no sacrifice in engine durability.

The video testimonial, accessible by clicking the link above, brings to life the benefits of our Liquid Titanium protection additive and also explains the tangible differences between HD 15W-40 and 10W-30 engine oils. We encourage you to watch this inspiring story.