June and July Kendall Free Gas Sweepstakes Winners


We’re pleased to share that we have awarded two additional Kendall Motor Oil fans with free gas for a year through our Free Gas Sweepstakes program. Although our most recent grand prize winners regularly enter contests, they both agree that winning free gas has been the most exciting prize.

Our June winner, Theresa Coleman of Marion, Ark., commutes one hour to work each way, so winning free gas has made a big impact on her daily life. “I’m an X-ray technician, and a few months ago, my hours were reduced and my salary was cut in half,” shared Coleman. “Winning free gas for a year has been such a blessing—it came at the perfect time in my life, and I’m so grateful.”

July winner and long-time Kendall user Diane Teunessen was immediately drawn to the sweepstakes after learning about it on the Kendall Motor Oil Facebook page. “I’ve won a few contests before, but this is by far the best prize because I do a lot of traveling,” said Teunessen. “I moved to Idaho when I retired, and most of my family lives in Michigan, so I’m constantly driving back and forth. Now that I have free gas for a year, I plan to make as many trips as possible!”

Both Coleman and Teunessen plan to be life-long users of Kendall Motor Oil as a result of their winnings.

Congratulations to Conrad & Bischoff of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Mid-South Sales of West Memphis, Ark., on securing the winning Installer locations. 

Head over to your local shop and get a Kendall Motor Oil change and you can enter to win the Kendall Free Gas Sweepstakes! If your local shop is not participating, encourage them to Contact Us using the tab above for more information on how to sign up.