August Kendall Free Gas Sweepstakes Winner


We’re excited to announce Amy Zambor of Kernersville, N.C., as our Free Gas Sweepstakes grand-prize winner for August. Zambor originally entered the sweepstakes in 2012 and was selected as one of our first-prize winners, receiving a free gas fill-up. Thrilled by her winnings, she decided to enter the contest again this year and was even luckier this time around.

“I’ve entered a few contests before, but nothing as big as this,” shared Zambor. “I never thought I would win twice—it’s so exciting!”

Zambor learned about the Kendall Free Gas Sweepstakes through her regular auto shop, Shattalon Tire & Auto in Winston-Salem. “I’ve been going to Shattalon for years because the guys are really great, and I trust them with my car,” she said. “After I won the grand prize, I went and bought them all donuts!”

In addition to using the free gas towards her daily 40-minute commute to work, Zambor plans to visit her friends out of state. “I’ve told all my friends and family about the contest, and now they’ve entered,” she added. “I definitely plan to continue spreading the good news and speaking highly about Kendall Motor Oil.”

We congratulate Pugh Oil Co. Inc. of Asheboro, N.C., for securing the winning Installer location.

Head over to your local shop and get a Kendall Motor Oil change and you can enter to win the Kendall Free Gas Sweepstakes! If your local shop is not participating, encourage them to Contact Us for more information on how to sign up.