V. Gaines Inspires Younger Generation


We’re always proud to announce Team Kendall driver V. Gaines’ accomplishments on the track, but we’re particularly pleased to share how—off the track—he has inspired a classroom full of young students from Salt Lake City, Utah.

As Gaines entered into the Final Countdown this season, he received a letter from Mary-Jane Forbyn, a fourth grade teacher at Taylorsville Elementary School in Salt Lake City. In the letter, Forbyn shared how she has incorporated drag racing into her lesson plans as a fun way to teach her students about math and science and, as such, her students have become big fans of Gaines. Along with the note, she included an image of a hand-drawn picture of the Kendall Motor Oil Dodge Avenger, affectionately named “Mean Teeth” by the students.

After seeing how much her students enjoyed hearing and learning about Gaines, Forbyn started incorporating racing into more of the curriculum. “I use drag racing clips as a way to teach the kids how to add and subtract with decimals. It’s a fun way for them to learn, and they’ve picked it up very quickly,” Forbyn explained. “I’ve also started ‘Facts for Fuel,’ which incorporates various math problems that the students must complete to prepare for their tests.”

Gaines was so inspired by the students’ efforts that he responded to the letter with appreciation for the recognition. “We’re just as excited as we can be, knowing that our Kendall Pro Stock is helping some very special students get excited about learning. We are the lucky ones,” shared Gaines.

In just a few short months of memorizing “Facts for Fuel” and other Gaines-inspired assignments, the students’ test scores have improved. “I’m so grateful that Gaines took the time to respond to our students. It means a lot to them, and it’s clearly having a positive effect on our classroom,” said Forbyn.