Apply for the 2014 Team Kendall Program Today!


We’d like to congratulate our participating 2013 Team Kendall racers on another successful season representing Kendall Motor Oil out on the track! We hope to see all of you back as members of the Team Kendall racing family in 2014.

In order for you to continue your enrollment in the Team Kendall program next season, your sponsoring Marketer must resubmit your information through our Team Kendall registration page on Lubestream. Marketers can now complete the 2014 application form to enroll you for next year. Marketers, be sure to visit Lubestream today to get an early jump on registration and secure your racer’s position on the team!

To learn more, please visit the “Team Kendall” tab of the Kendall Motor Oil Facebook page. You can also email questions, or direct any racing friends who are interested in becoming involved with Team Kendall, to

Here’s to an exciting and successful 2014 racing season—best of luck to you all!

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