Impressive Marketer Anniversary - Cady Oil Company


This fall, we were proud to present Cady Oil Company of Peoria Heights, Ill. with a plaque to commemorate its 55th anniversary as a Marketership with Phillips 66 Lubricants. Founded in 1949, Cady Oil has loyally sold Phillips 66 Lubricants for most of its existence and looks forward to continuing to do so.

“Phillips 66 Lubricants is the flagship oil we sell and will continue to sell,” said Steph Cady, Vice President at Cady Oil. “Our customers know and trust the brand, and they require loyalty and dependability, which is what it delivers. In addition to its brand recognition, these lubricants offer quality, which is also what we represent and what resonates most with our customers.”

Being part of a company that’s been in business for nearly 65 years, Steph knows what she’s talking about. It started when her grandfather, Terry Cady, came back from WWII and was inspired to start his own retail gas station business following his post-war college education. When her grandfather suddenly passed, Steph’s father, Steve Cady, assumed the business at the young age of 19 with his mother, Charlotte Cady. Steph has been with the company for the past five years.

“Cady Oil has been dedicated to Phillips 66 Lubricants for some time, which we value a great deal,” stated Phillips 66 Marketer Sales Representative (MSR), Nick Johnson. “The family is always looking to extend great service and products to its customers in Peoria, and it shows.”

As a token of appreciation for their distinguished history working with Phillips 66 Lubricants, Johnson presented father and daughter—Steve and Steph—with a commemorative 55-year plaque, as shown in the photo below. The plaque joins Cady Oil’s existing six milestone plaques, dating back from their 25th anniversary when Terry was president, proudly displayed on the office walls. As the years have passed, especially over the last decade, the business has changed in order to sustain and succeed; yet as the family looks to the future, they recognize their strengths as well as areas in which to improve.

“If I had to offer advice to other Marketers for how to successfully run a business, I’d say that there’s value in knowing what you’re good at, sticking with it and finding your niche so you can concentrate your efforts there,” explained Steph. “This is something we’re working on every day.”

Congratulations, again, to Cady Oil. We appreciate your continued business and support.