A Look Back at V. Gaines’ 10th Anniversary Season with Team Kendall


Taking a look back at his 10th year with Team Kendall, racer V. Gaines shared that the season started quite strong,  and was filled with a number of exciting accomplishments along the way. As Gaines pointed out, his team was the one to beat for much of the season, finishing strong as they headed into the Final Countdown, also known as the Championships.

“We had a great season and really came together this year,” explained Gaines. “Looking forward to next year, we realize that our focus will be on how to best finish the ‘Sundays,’ which is the final day of racing within a given race—where the finishing placements are determined for each team.”

Gaines elaborated that this commemorative season was so special, in part, due to his valued partnership with Kendall Motor Oil as well as his trusted loyal friend and advisor, Crew Chief, Clyde West. After coming out of several tough seasons, Gaines noted that not all teams are fortunate enough to be able to stick together and have the backing of a sponsor like Kendall. He credits much of his success to these ongoing partnerships that have endured and thrived over the years, while being built on respect, honesty and trust.

“It’s a great feeling to be associated with such a trusted brand for the past 10 years,” he said. “Every race, and throughout the season, fans will refer to us as the ‘Kendall car,’ the ‘Kendall Team,’ and the crew with the ‘Kendall Teeth.’ Constantly hearing fans talk about Kendall is fantastic validation for our efforts to tout the brand’s impressive engine wear and protection benefits.”

That said, earning this trust and respect from fans and sponsor isn’t something that happens overnight. If Gaines had to offer one piece of advice to new racers or those trying to reach the next level, it’d be that they need to work hard, just like anything in life, and to put their head down and charge. If they keep track of their goals and where they want to go while teaming up with the right people and brands—like Kendall is for Gaines—who can help propel a career through their associations and shared experiences.

In fact, if Gaines could go back and give himself a piece of advice it’d be, “To seek out and align myself with key people and leaders who are the best of the bunch, so I could learn from them and make my own mistakes as we go. We were fortunate and followed this advice—even without my ‘future self’ going back in time to share this advice!”

V., it’s been a great ride, and we’re proud to have been your trusted partner for the past 10 years. We look forward to seeing what else you can accomplish—Long Live the Engine®!