Wireline Grease Proven ‘Best in Corrosion Protection’


We are proud to announce that Phillips 66 Lubricants’ Wireline Grease has outperformed a well-known competitive brand’s wireline product in new proprietary tests completed to measure corrosion control in a simulated wellbore environment. The testing put the two products under identical conditions, and pre- and post-test monitoring ensured accurate outcomes. With impressive results that show the positive difference in our Wireline Grease, we would like to equip you with this information to effectively communicate the advantages of our revolutionary product to your customers.

We created internal test protocols to evaluate wireline Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) exposure under simulated temperature and humidity conditions. The tests proved that Phillips 66 Lubricants’ Wireline Grease inhibits H2S corrosion better than a well-known competitive brand, offering three key findings:

  • Protection against miscibility: Under the simulated test conditions, a competitive leading brand of wireline grease was completely miscible with the water layer it was exposed to. Conversely, Phillips 66 Lubricants’ Wireline Grease separated from the water, thus interrupting the formation of acids within the grease.
  • Less leaching of metals: In every instance, metal levels in the tested lubricants were higher in the competitor’s brand, presumably leached or corroded from the cables during testing. In addition, sulfur was much higher in the competitor brand sample, indicating that H2S more readily dissolves in that grease, which adversely affects cable corrosion control.
  • Enhanced viscosity stability: Testing revealed that Phillips 66 Lubricants’ Wireline Grease is more stable than the competitor’s brand, which should have a direct impact on continued operations, less downtime and longer wireline life.