V. Gaines is on Track to Make 2014 NHRA Final Countdown


In April, we caught up with Team Kendall driver V. Gaines to get the scoop on his recent races, and find out what's in store for the remainder of the season.

"We went into this year with the hope of improving our reaction time and performance in the first 60 feet of the track," said Gaines. "So far, we've seen improvements here and that's helped us this season."

The veteran Team Kendall driver made it to the final round in the first two races, holding the number one spot in points for a few weeks. Although Gaines has already achieved success early in the season, he is continuing to push himself to see additional improvements.

"We're always trying new directions to see what works best, while striving to be as consistent as possible in order to put our best foot forward," Gaines said. "We're going to continue to work hard on that, especially on Sundays [the last day of each racing competition and final heats], because that's when it's crucial to win."

While Gaines remains focused on the upcoming races, he's also committed to preparing and testing his brand-new car - the 2014 "Mean Teeth Tour" Kendall Motor Oil Dodge Dart. The new car has an updated body style and an exciting, new look. To see the new car rendering, head over to the Kendall Motor Oil Facebook page. In fact, Gaines and team were hard at work making final adjustments and testing the car earlier this month, in preparation for the big race in Houston, Texas.

"We wanted to unveil the new Kendall Motor Oil Dodge Dart at my favorite race of the season - the O'Reilly Auto Parts Spring Nationals in Houston. That race is always a fun-filled event because it's the home of Kendall Motor Oil, and debuting the new car made it even more exciting."

With a new car and only 12 races to go until the Final Countdown, Gaines hopes to continue his momentum through the remainder of the season and bring home the championship title.

If you didn't have a chance to catch Gaines at the race in Houston this past weekend, we'll be sending an update on that exciting event shortly. You can also show your support at his upcoming races - click here for the complete 2014 schedule. We look forward to cheering on Gaines as he makes his way to the Final Countdown this fall!