July 2014 Marketer of the Month - Dutch Lubricants


A Phillips 66 Lubricants Marketer for more than a decade, Dutch Lubricants prides itself on being a top notch supplier of premium lubricants across the southeast region - but that's not all - premier customer relations and service earns Dutch Lubricants the title of July Marketer of the Month. "The level of service they provide for all their customers is second-to-none," MSR Brett Healy attests. "As a Phillips 66 Lubricants customer, Dutch is always open to new ideas, new products to market and motivated to grow their thriving business, and overall, great to work with."

Headquartered in Columbus, Mississippi, Dutch Lubricants began selling lubricant products to commercial customers out of the garage in 1972. During the 1980s, the company expanded to offer a variety of industrial oils and lubricants and continued to cultivate its industrial focus over the years, as the Mississippi and Alabama regions are ripe for coals mining. Since then, Dutch Lubricants has switched its focus to PCMO, HDEO and Commercial, due to market demands. With lumber and poultry fleets being a huge part of its business today, the company serves customers throughout Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Louisiana markets.

Known for its 'best-in-class customer service," Dutch Lubricants' sales force has evolved over the years in order to differentiate itself from competitors. 'We push ourselves and employees to be more educated and professional team that knows and understands the market," shares Mike Byrd, president at Dutch Lubricants. "The fact that we're always evolving, looking for new valuable ideas for how we can improve and move forward is our competitive edge."

Dutch Lubricants has been working with Phillips 66 Lubricants for 12 years to date - utilizing Phillips 66 Lubricants business sales programs, educational trainings and selling its premium lubricants. "There really is an ease of doing business with Phillips 66 Lubricants," adds Gary Clark, sales manager at Dutch Lubricants. "Our business processes align with Phillips 66 Lubricants and we value the technical and industry expertise they provide us." Participating in Phillips 66 Lubricants' training and product seminars are what keep Dutch Lubricants on the path to continued growth and success. 'We attend the trainings to gain knowledge on the market and each sales representative is enrolled in Fleet Finder and Factory Finder, among others," Clark says.

In addition to remaining a major player in the lubricants market, the company has advanced technology for serving customers electronically and continued growth on its radar for the upcoming year. We're certain Dutch Lubricants will continue to grow and achieve great things. Congrats to Dutch Lubricants on being named the July Marketer of the Month!