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First established as Union Oil Company in 1890 before the arrival of the first automobile, the 76 Lubricants brand established a stronghold on the West Coast through its racing affiliation and large retail gasoline distribution network, making the 76 ball a well-known logo. The 76 Lubricants brand is owned by Phillips 66 and provides the world with commercial and industrial lubricants that meet or exceed stringent industry quality standards. 76 Lubricants delivers a full selection of lubricating oils and greases for all application types, from cars and trucks to heavy construction equipment and stressful industrial applications. 76 Lubricants products have earned trust across many industries for quality, performance and reliability

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4T Motorcycle Oil Engine Oil For 4-Stroke Cycle Motorcycles & ATVs Last revised: 5/23/2014
76 Triton® Synlube LDO Synthetic Long-Drain Automotive Gear Lubricant, API GL-5/MT-1 Last revised: 5/6/2014
76® Super Motor Oil Conventional Passenger Car Engine Oil Last revised: 2/24/2014
AAR 963 Oil Railroad Journal Bearing Lubricant Last revised: 5/6/2014
Air Compressor Oil Non-Detergent Air Compressor Oil Last revised: 10/13/2014
Airkool HP 2-Cycle Oil API TC Engine Oil For Air-Cooled,. 2-Stroke Cycle Engines Last revised: 5/6/2014
Ammonia Compressor Oil Inhibited Paraffinic Circulating Oil For Ammonia Refrigeration Compressors Last revised: 1/10/2013
Arbor Oil Compounded Edger Arbor Oil Last revised: 1/10/2013
Arctic Low Pour Hydraulic Oil Low-Pour, High VI Antiwear Hydraulic Oil For Cold Climates Last revised: 5/6/2014
Bearing Oil M Inhibited "Super Demulsible" Rolling & Steel Mill Circulating Oil Last revised: 1/10/2013
Bentone Extreme-Pressure, Clay-Based Grease For High Temperature Applications Last revised: 1/10/2013
Cable Lube Multipurpose Wire Rope & Cable Lubricant Last revised: 5/7/2014
Calcium S Extreme-Pressure Calcium Grease For Automotive Hardware Last revised: 1/10/2013
Circulating Oil Rust-Inhibited Circulating Oil For Crushing Mills Last revised: 1/10/2013
Compounded Gear Oil Compounded Worm Gear & Steam Cylinder Lubricant Last revised: 7/8/2014
Cotton Picker Semifluid, Non-EP Lithium Grease For Cotton Picker Spindles Last revised: 2/22/2013
Coupling Grease High-Performance, Extreme-Pressue Lithium Grease for Industrial Couplings Last revised: 7/31/2014
CP Oil Corrosion-Preventive Air Tool Lubricant Last revised: 5/7/2014
Custom Motor Oil API SF/CD Engine Oil For Older Vehicles Last revised: 2/24/2014
CVT Fluid Full-Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid for Belt-Driven Continuously Variable Transmissions Last revised: 11/5/2014
Diamond Class® AW Turbine Oil Premium Rust & Oxidation-Inhibited, Antiwear Turbine Oil; Bulk Oil Meets ISO Cleanliness Code 18/16/13 Last revised: 9/2/2014
Diamond Class® Heat Transfer Fluids Premium Heat Transfer Fluids For Open & Closed Systems Last revised: 1/10/2013
Diamond Class® Turbine Oil Premium Long-Life, Rust & Oxidation-Inhibited Turbine Oil; Bulk Oil Meets ISO Cleanliness Code 18/16/13 Last revised: 9/2/2014
Dynalife® HT Multipurpose, Heavy Base Oil, Extreme-Pressure Lithium Complex Grease; NLGI GC-LB Certified Last revised: 5/7/2014
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