Kendall Motor Oil

Kendall Motor Oil enjoys a dramatic heritage. The Kendall Refining Company was founded in 1881 in Bradford, PA, to refine local grade crude oil into kerosene, lubricants and greases. The Kendall brand has introduced a number of significant industry firsts, including the first oil designated for winter use, the first prepackaged and factory sealed one-quart oil can, as well as the first 2,000-mile motor oil, which prompted the introduction of the brand's iconic Two Finger logo.

Kendall's groundbreaking ways continue today. In 2008, the exclusive Liquid Titanium protection additive was introduced into its oils, providing fuel savings and exceptional engine wear protection, reflected in the expression, "Long Live the Engine." The Kendall brand is highly regarded in the passenger car and heavy-duty engine oil segments and continues to grow today through initiatives such as the Kendall YouTube channel, Kendall Motor Oil Facebook page and the grassroots Team Kendall racing program.

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