Soluble Oil HD

Heavy-Duty Emulsifiable Metalworking Fluid

Phillips 66® Soluble Oil HD is a chlorinated, heavy-duty metalworking fluid designed to emulsify easily and form a stable emulsion when mixed with water. It provides excellent cooling and lubricity for medium- to heavy-duty cutting and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, resulting in extended tool life and good surface finishes on the machined parts.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent cooling and lubricating properties
  • Excellent anti-wear and anti-weld properties
  • Helps extend cutting tool life
  • Good surface finish
  • Emulsifies easily with water
  • Forms a stable emulsion
  • Good rust protection
  • Good antifoam properties


Soluble Oil HD is recommended for medium- to heavy-duty machining operations with water hardness up to 300 ppm. Typical applications include:

  • Broaching • Milling
  • Deep hole drilling (gun drilling) • Reaming
  • Gear hobbing and gear shaping • Sawing
  • Grinding • Tapping

Technical Details