Four reasons Phillips 66®X/C®is the best aviation oil for your piston aircraft.

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July 11, 2019

The industry’s leading multiviscosity aviation oil – Phillips 66 X/C 20W-50 – is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Since its launch in 1979, it has been the aviation oil of choice for many pilots and maintenance experts. Here’s why this legendary product is the leader of the pack.

  1. First multiviscosity engine oil for piston aircraft approved by the FAA. We led the industry back in 1979 with the introduction of X/C and are proud to still be the leading multiviscosity aviation oil 40 years later.
  2. The one multiviscosity engine oil you can use from break-in to overhaul. Switching to a different oil after the break-in period? No need with X/C – just keep flying.
  3. Only mineral oil-based multiviscosity aviation oil. This makes for cleaner operation and reduced oil consumption compared to semi synthetic aviation oils.
  4. Precision aerobatic pilots like the Phillips 66 Aerostars use it. From the Canadian tundra to the Florida tropics, these four veteran pilots push their aircraft to the limits while pushing the limits of gravity. And the engine oil they trust is X/C 20W-50.

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