Phillips 66 Lubricants Guarantees Guardol®FE 10W-30–Even When FA-4 Not Specified by the OEM

March 19, 2019

Houston, Texas, March 19, 2019—Following the recent second anniversary of the American Petroleum Institute’s licensing for FA-4 oils, Phillips 66 Lubricants makes a major endorsement of FA-4 10W-30 oils by extending the company’s product quality guarantee to protect heavy-duty fleets against lubricant-related failure in the engine when using Guardol FE 10W-30.

With more than 92 million miles of field testing on Guardol FE 10W-30, Phillips 66 has proven the FA-4 product, like CK-4 oils, offers excellent wear protection benefits, but with the added benefit of increased fuel efficiency.

In the industry-standard DD13 Scuff Test (ASTM 8074), Guardol FE 10W-30 performed 6.45 times better than Mobil Delvac™ Extreme FE 10W-30 and the test minimum. Guardol FE 10W-30 ran for 200 hours, whereas Mobil Delvac Extreme FE 10W-30 ran for 31 hours.

The test was conducted at an independent lab using blind samples. This is a fired-engine test with all emissions controls, which runs for 200 hours or until scuffing is detected, whichever comes first. The minimum run time to pass the test is 31 hours.

Guardol FE with Liquid Titanium®is formulated with a blend of synthetic and high-quality Group II base stocks and a proprietary low-SAPS additive system to provide outstanding engine protection in late model diesel engines. It is fortified with the exclusive Liquid Titanium protection additive for enhanced oxidation resistance and protection against wear. This additive enhancement provides increased engine protection despite the lower HTHS requirements of FA-4.

CK-4 oils – primarily the 15W-40 viscosity – still lead the category in usage among fleets. “Our in-depth testing confirms there is real value in the FA-4 10W-30 product for fleets of all sizes,” said Tony Negri, Phillips 66 Commercial Product Manager. “We worked diligently to redevelop our warranty to support fleets who make the shift.”

The warranty means Phillips 66 will pay for parts and labor deemed necessary to repair damage to engines if the damage was caused by lubricant-related failure.

The warranty will require:

  • Engines are used under normal over-the-road operating conditions and serviced with Phillips 66 Guardol FE 10W-30 (API FA-4)
  • Lubricants are changed as specified by the engine or equipment manufacturer maintenance schedule
  • Written documentation or maintenance records are provided that show the engine or equipment was serviced and maintained at regular intervals as specified by the manufacturer
  • The proper lubricant level has been maintained in the engine or equipment through documentation of frequency of oil make-up

Not all Original Equipment Manufacturers have adopted a recommendation for FA-4 oils, but Phillips 66 believes it is important for fleets to feel comfortable about the category as heavy-duty truck production peaks and more new trucks hit the road.

The Guardol FE product is warranted for use in 2010 and newer Detroit Diesel engines and 2014 and newer Cummins, PACCAR, Navistar, Volvo/Mack engines.

“It is time for the industry to take better advantage of the new technology that is available through our FA-4 oils. Our new warranty can provide peace of mind to fleets with modern equipment interested in moving toward the most technologically advanced engine oils in the market,” Negri continued.