Trolley Wire Lube (old)

Semi-Fluid Lithium Grease

Phillips 66®Trolley Wire Lube is a semi-fluid lithium grease specifically developed for the lubrication of mine trolley wires and shoes. With proper maintenance and frequent relubrication, it extends the life of the wires and the sliders while keeping downtime and operating expenses to a minimum.

Features & Benefits

• Water resistant

• Easy application

• Reduces friction

• Stays put

• Reduces slider and cable wear

• Stops slider “hop”

• Reduces maintenance and operating costs


• Trolley wires and shoes

• Cables and wires exposed to moisture or salt water

• Wire ropes

• Hoists, cranes and aerial tramways

• Sliding mechanisms on underground mining equipment

Technical Details

Licenses & Approvals


Additional Details
NLGI Grade<000
Dropping Point, °C (°F)---
Density, lbs/gal8.25
Penetration, ASTM D217 (worked 60 strokes)---
Viscosity, Brookfield, ASTM D2983
25°C, No. 4 Spindle, 20 RPM, 1 Minute, cP650
Base Oil Properties:
cSt @ 40°C68
cSt @ 100°C8.5
SUS @ 100°F353
SUS @ 210°F55
Viscosity Index94