Trolley Wire Lube (new)

Mine Trolley Cables and Shoes Semi-fluid Lithium Grease 10% Graphite

Phillips 66®Trolley Wire Lube is a semi-fluid lithium grease specifically developed for the lubrication of mine trolley wires and shoes. With proper maintenance and frequent re-lubrication, it extends the life of the wires and sliders while keeping downtime and operating expenses to a minimum.

Trolley Wire Lube is manufactured with high-quality paraffinic base oils thickened with a lithium 12-hydroxystearate soap. It is fortified with 10% graphite to reduce friction between the slider and cable helping to extend the life of the cable.

Trolley Wire Lube can be applied by a trolley wire brush applicator box, or it can be pumped to the wire by a direct grease line through a centralized grease system. Its special friction reducing properties allow for less frequent application than many other trolley wire lubricants.

Features & Benefits

  • Water resistant
  • Easy application
  • Reduces friction
  • Good adhesion
  • Reduces slider and cable wear
  • Stops slider “hop”
  • Reduces maintenance and operating costs


  • Trolley wires and shoes
  • Wire ropes and cables exposed to moisture or salt water
  • Hoists, cranes and aerial tram-ways
  • Sliding mechanisms on underground mining equipment

Technical Details

Licenses & Approvals


Additional Details
NLGI Grade<000
Thickener TypeLithium
Density, lbs/gal7.70
Graphite, wt %10
Viscosity, Kinematic, ASTM D445
cSt @ 40°C68
cSt @ 100°C8.5
Viscosity, Brookfield ASTM D2983
25°C, No. 4 Spindle, 20 RPM, 1 Minute, cP650